Upgrading your gutter is a simple project and one that many homeowners may not think of. However, adding gutter guards can significantly improve the value of your home. These gutter guards are covers for your gutter. They keep the gutters clean and ensure you never have to manually clean the gutters. Once installed, the guards keep off debris, including leaves, insects, pine needles, twigs, and seed pods among others. But they also increase your home’s value. Here’s how:

Less Maintenance

A home with gutter guards seldom needs manual gutter cleaning. Such a home is cheaper to maintain and saves your time, money, and energy. Gutter cleaning is tedious and should be done by a professional. 

Protection from Water Damage

If gutters are not clean, they clog and may overflow during the rainy season. Overflows can cause damage to components of the roof and to the home’s foundation. The overflow also affects your home’s landscaping. Water damage can be costly to repair and if not corrected for a long time, the problem can exacerbate to affect the structural integrity of your home. Homes with visible signs of water damage have a low value. 

Increase the Durability of your Gutter System

The gutter cover ensures that gutters are stable thereby improving their lifespan and their value. Dirt that accumulates in the gutter can lead to rusting while the weight of the dirt can cause further damage to the gutter system. When you increase the lifespan of your gutter, you extend the protection your home gets from the gutters. 

Picking the Right Gutter Guards 

All gutter guards are not the same. You need to ensure you invest in quality guards for the best protection. The guards should be coated to protect them from rust and corrosion. Also, ensure that your guard comes with a lifetime limited warranty so that you are sure it will serve you for long. 


To keep your warranty active, allow a professional to install the gutter guards. They know the best way to install them so that they offer the best protection from debris.